With changing times and the free flowing profits of old no longer an everyday part of life we drive for increased outputs from our people.

There are a few very loyal employees that accept the challenge and bend over backwards to assist the company in achieving the result, but the reality is the new generation do not appear to have this same level of dedication and commitment. Their focus is on self rather than on company.

So what can we do as leaders to build loyalty and commitment?

Firstly it is important to remember there is no one solution fits all approach so sorry there is no easy fix.

The new generation want the satisfaction of achievement through a challenging role but then feel they have an entitlement as a result and they are not talking about a pay cheque.

As per the attached Ted Talk from Daniel Pink, there are some companies that are doing it very well – it is called giving them Head Space.

Create an environment that allows your people the freedom to take time out, to refresh their mind, refocus their next challenge and to stimulate create solutions for the benefit of the person and the company.

In the past we have had the mindset that our people must be working solidly for their full shift and this is the measure of success, but as has been proven in many European countries, time to re-energise and refocus increases productivity, improves employee efficiency and results in significantly improved innovative and creative solutions.

Progressive organisations are now creating Head Space zones within their company that employees have the freedom of visiting at any time during their day to refocus, refresh and get their heads in the right space. The results of these programs within these organisations is proving extremely successful to date.