It has been one of the toughest questions we face when making the final decision to invest in a new team member. Do I hire the person with the better skills or the person with the right culture fit for my company?

There is no hard and fast rule, however, unless it is a critical role that will impact on the safety, wellbeing and health of the employees, the public or the company reputation then I suggest you hire the person with the right culture fit.

Many times, I have witnessed people employed who have the perfect skill set only to witness the results of the overall organization fall away as the new person damages the workplace environment causing demotivated and disengaged employees.

We can always teach a person how to do a job but we can rarely change a persons natural tendencies and change them as a person.

A positive work environment with fully engaged employees will create far better results than a skilled employee surrounded by a team that does not want to be there.

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