Fellow Travellers

Traveller (DiSC) is a personal development assessment that measures an individual’s behavioural style. It is designed to help an individual understand their behaviour in the workplace, understand the behaviour of others and how to use this knowledge in different work situations.

The amazing benefit of understanding what traveller you are is it can significantly assist in your personal life and personal relationships.

  • The Travellers Compass

    Adventurer             :  D

    Mountain Climber   :  I

    Group Traveller       :  S

    Cultural Traveller    :  C

Traveller has four primary dimensions of behaviour:


Direct, results-oriented, strong-willed and assertive

Mountain Climber

Sociable, enthusiastic, optimistic and lively

Cultural Traveller
Analytical, private, precise and logical
Group Traveller

Gentle, supportive, patient and helpful

The traveller assessment uses adaptive testing technology to provide the highest levels of accuracy, validity and reliability. What this means is that respondents who answer inconsistently on any of the 8 scales will be asked additional questions to ensure an accurate result.