Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

Top of the mountain with a group

As a mountain climber I like to be seen and have the desire to be liked. I want people to know who I am and what I have achieved. I start off with a plan but can get distracted from my goal when I notice others on another path to me. As a mountain climber, I like action and to feel a sense of urgency about my travels. For me it is not so much about the destination but more about the relationships that are made along the way.

I like to collaborate and hear about other people’s views about the future or about which direction we should go. My weakness is that I want to be liked by everyone, and my blind spot is that I am overly trusting of others. Sticking to the plan is usually a pre-requisite to achieving the goals. You may clearly see the value of your goal, but get distracted by social acceptance as this is a dominant force for mountain climbers.

RdL helps mountain climbers understand the balance between goal delivery and social acceptance so that they can reach the top of the mountain.

I have been involved in 3 RdL Executive Leadership programs in the Pacific, Solomon Islands and most recently Senegal.  The effect on my team and on myself has been significant. Our organization would not be as effective without these programs.

Andrew Catford

National Director of World Vision Senegal in West Africa