Off the Beaten Path and New Encounters

As adventurer, I’m always eager to discover new destinations. I can think “out-of-the-box” and love to take unknown routes. The way I travel, I meet up with so many interesting people, always different ones.

My weakness is that I want to see everything, and my blind spot is that I don’t always like to listen to other people’s ideas of where we should go, and I may offend them with my directness. I just want to go explore and I don’t mean just the known locations, let’s get off the beaten track. Organisations who are confronted with change are lucky if they have adventurers on board. Adventurers have to be open to have some planning and steering imposed on them in order to reach their end goal.

RdL helps adventurers realise their dreams by creating a bridge with others who are less adventurous.

I have been involved in 3 RdL Executive Leadership programs in the Pacific, Solomon Islands and most recently Senegal.  The effect on my team and on myself has been significant. Our organization would not be as effective without these programs.

Andrew Catford

National Director of World Vision Senegal in West Africa