Being a life and business coach is about helping others overcome their limiting beliefs and guiding them to deliver to their full potential.

Having coached for the past 18 years, I have experienced some extreme cases of limiting beliefs where the person is so full of doubt that it has restricted and limited, not only their professional career, but their personal relationships.

Being a great leader and being successful in life is about you being you.

We all have natural tendencies that make us who we are, and we need to use these tendencies and talents to assist us in our life journey.

Quite often I start a coaching journey with someone who has been promoted to a management position and tries to copy what could be called, poor management practices, to try and get ahead themselves.

What they have experienced and seen in the past is what they believe good management is, and some of it will be good, and some not so good, and certainly not natural to the new leader.

Not only are some of these old school practices obsolete, they certainly do also not take into account building trust and loyalty, and have little focus on a person using their natural talents.

When you try and be someone who you are naturally not for 8-10 hours of your working day you will feel exhausted and it drains all the life, innovation and creativity from you.

Trying to be someone else over the long term will cause burnout.

Rather than try to be someone you are not, the focus needs to be on how you use your natural talents to deliver success through your people.

How do you build trust, loyalty, respect, whilst holding your people accountable for quality outcomes?

In our coaching, we focus on the person and not role/job title. When we focus on developing the person the growth is significant.

When the person grows in confidence, they can reflect on wins of the past and replicate this success moving forward, their levels of anxiety and stress decrease and their creativity, solution focus, and quality results improve.

Developing the person to be the best version of themselves and utilising all their natural talents to help them grow as a leader is the core function of a coach, something we pride ourselves on delivering here at RdL.