Now more than ever – Delegate

As leaders, we all know and are aware of the impact a crisis can have on us personally, as well as our people and the results we generate for the company.

More often than not, an unpredicted or unforeseen crisis will lead to negative results for all involved.

We also will generally fall into the trap of taking on more personally because of the belief that “We are in crisis and no one can do it better than me”

Great leaders in fact go the opposite way. Great leaders look and turn to their people and dig deeper to identify any hidden talents that may not have been uncovered in their people. They go out of their way to discover what each of their people has to offer in the situation and how it can best be used to drive the company and its people safely out of the crisis.

Our ongoing worry is always – “but what if they do not do it right”. Our greater concern should be – “but what if they don’t care and don’t even try”

RdL has the following simple approach to successful delegation;

Step 1 – show them what good looks like

Step 2 – let them feel what good feels like

Step 3 – let them show you they can deliver good

Step 4 – delegate

If you follow this simple 4 step approach to successful delegation, you will see that your people can deliver the success and quality that you are looking for and the results will flow.


A great leader will create a safe environment for their people and will also empower those in their team who want to step up and take on more responsibility.

As we have shared before, the Simon Sinek video discussing the circle of safety is critically important for successful leadership but now more than ever, in crisis management.

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