Creating Brand Ambassadors

Below are some great tips to build your Brand Ambassadors.

  1. Focus on your early adopters – those who are already spruiking on social media about the company and thank them.
  2. Make it a 2-way win – Ensure the employee sees the personal benefits of the professional advocacy role they play.
  3. Get it right – Provide the team with tips, guidelines and ideas for sharing so it is in line with company standards.
  4. Make it easy – Ensure the team have a readily available supply of great company content to share
  5. Enablement – Ensure your IT policy supports team sharing through social media
  6. Use your champions – Ask those who are good at it to be coaches and advisors for others who may want to be a part of it
  7. Use advocates wisely – Never make it a job for the team, let it flow naturally as it has greater impact
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